Field Notes is a newsletter about the human relationship with the natural world, explored largely through my own photography (and Mary Oliver poetry).

I also have another publication, Wonder Rooms, which focuses exclusively on the history of science communication via printed media.

I share quarterly science & conservation photo essays on the work of scientists in the lab and field, monthly travel & lifestyle photo essays of my own adventures in Scotland and further afield, and weekly notes on life, nature & the anthropocene.

My aim is to keep all these things free forever so if you enjoy Field Notes you can support me by subscribing, sharing with a likeminded friend, or consider becoming a paid supporter (I’m working on some nice little extras that will be just for us).

My name is Molly Wilders (she/her). I’m a photographer, science communicator and biology graduate.

Born and raised in Scotland, my childhood was spent scrabbling in the dirt looking for insects and in the library reading books. As an adult my life is largely the same, just with the added stress of paying bills.

I use my work to fuel curiosity and ethical exploration of the natural world. Whether that’s to be found in dark corners of natural history museums, in the work of scientists and organisations in the lab and field, on travels into the wilderness or even with a cup of tea and a book at home.

“I walk, and I notice” - Mary Oliver

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notes from life, nature and the anthropocene


Photographer, zine-maker, science communicator and human magpie ✨