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Welcome to Field Notes, a newsletter that is mainly about photography and science communication, and how to do these things when you have a chaotic, neurodivergent brain.

It’s also about the history of science, and the human experience of, and relationship with, nature & science.

Who am I?

My name is Molly Wilders (she/her). I’m a photographer, science communicator and biology graduate.

Born and raised in Scotland, my childhood was spent either scrabbling in dirt looking for insects or reading books. As an adult my life is largely the same but with the added stress of paying bills.

I use my work to fuel curiosity and ethical exploration of the natural world. Whether that’s to be found in dark corners of natural history museums, in the work of scientists and organisations in the lab and field, on travels into the wilderness or even with a cup of tea and a book at home.

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fuelling curiosity and ethical exploration of the natural world


Molly Wilders

I am a photographer and science communicator exploring the human relationship with the natural world, with a focus on documenting scientific research & discovery through printed and visual media